my-oh-tis sep-ten-tree-oh-nal-is


Fur is yellowish or reddish brown above and pale yellowish below. The hair has a dark base and yellowish-brown tip. The uropatagium is dark brownish, with few hairs. Wingspan is 9-11".


Long-eared bats are found in the eastern U.S. and throughout most of the Great Plains. They hibernate in caves in winter, where it is relatively cool and moist, and where the air is stagnant. In summer roost sites include buildings, under tree bark, and under shutters.Northern Myotis prefer forested hills and ridges.


Long-eared bats are more of a forest dweller than other Myotis species. They are much more solitary in habits than other Myotis, generally found singly or in small groups containing up to 100 individuals. Known longevity for this animal is 18 years.